Play Water Polo in Amsterdam

Here is a summary of the Dutch text on all the other pages. It is super compact but it has all you need. Really.

The Water polo Club Club

SG Mokum is the biggest water polo club in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. We are a collaboration of four local water polo clubs. We joined forces for various benefits. The most important to ensure that water polo would remain available for all levels and ages within Amsterdam. We started our successful collaboration in 2022. And it has been great fun too.

As a Dutch club, the majority of our members are Dutch. However, teams do have players from across the world. Of course it would be great if you would learn some Dutch (and you will whilst here ;-) ), but speaking English works. We train across various pools in Amsterdam, on multiple days of the week, with matches usually on Saturdays, but occasionally on a Sunday. 

The national water polo league competition operates between September to April, with public and school holidays considered with lighter summer training and friendly tournements

SG Mokum: 22 teams

We have 22 teams, for various abilities and all ages groups. The two youngest teams are for enthusiastic beginners whom are under 9 years old and we have ten more teams for young players who want to play water polo. For adults, we have seven men and three women teams. Find the full list here. The page is in Dutch, but with the 6 words mini course below, you should understand.

🇳🇱 6 words course: Heren = Men. Dames = Women. Jeugd = Youth. Jongens = Boys. Meisjes = Girls. Gemengd = Mixed.

Training times

Training times can be found here!
Again the page is in Dutch, but we are sure you can work it out. Especially with the 5 words mini course below and combined with the words in the paragraph above. If not, send us an e-mail.

🇳🇱 5 words course: Maandag = Monday. Dinsdag = Tuesday. Woensdag = Wednesday. Donderdag = Thursday. Vrijdag = Friday. That is manageable, right?

Our swimming pools

We train in 5 swimming pools across Amsterdam, so there should be one near you. Here is an overview of all the locations.
Most home matches are played in Sportfondsenbad Oost and the Sloterparkbad.
Home matches for Dames 3 are in Sportplaza Mercator.

🇳🇱 5 words course: Betaald parkeren = paid parking. Gratis parkeren = free parking. Op parkeerterrein = in parking lot. Clubhuis = club house.

Try it out: join a training!

Are you new in Amsterdam and looking for a water polo club? Do you want to restart your favourite sport? Or do you or your children want to start with water polo? Come and get a feel for the club and its teams. Send us an e-mail at  to let us know your interest in joining a training. We will let you know when and where to be and make sure there is someone to welcome you.

Join the club?

Are you ready to join the club? If so, you will need to subscribe to one of the collaborating clubs. We can help you to pick one. If you picked one already, the links to the online subscription pages can be found here.

If you can't figure it out, please send us an e-mail and we will help to get you on board 

Club Swimwear

We understand that you really want an official SG Mokum swimsuit or water polo trunks. It makes you look cooler, swim faster, train harder and perform better. Additionally, it makes you more complete and even more a valued member of the team, just by wearing them. And yes, they are available!

They are available for order here @ MTB Sport.


Want to join the SG Mokum board? Want to know who they are? Or want to contact them? Here is their page.


Yes. We are looking for sponsors. Either for a team or the whole club. This could be a one time sponsor or on an annual basis. Would you like to be our sponsor? Or do you know one? If yes, would be great. Please get in touch. 

More questions?

That's it for now. Need to know more? Want to ask or tell us something? Send us an e-mail